Meet Kat

Welcome to my Simple Kat Life blog!

Hello, I’m Kat, and I created this page to; first of all, be an encouragement to you all, and secondly, because I felt a deep burden in my heart to put myself out there in the public and be a voice to spread hope for all cancer patients or anyone struggling with a chronic illness. As I share my own story on how I am living daily with a rare chronic blood cancer, I want to show you that with a change in diet and use of natural protocols, I was able to turn my own health around. I can only speak of my own experience but I know that the healthy choices I have made can certainly be beneficial to everyone. After being treated with chemo for almost two years and seeing my health quickly declining, I was desperate and I prayed asking God to give me a way out. The next day was as if I was given a chance for a new beginning, and I started to live my life with a different perspective. I was not only going to get well but I was also going to live life fully and simply. I started doing some serious research, received a certification in nutrition, and I am presently still taking more classes to further my knowledge in this field. By faith, I decided to take complete control of my health. First, I found myself a great Integrative medicine doctor to help and guide me with the entire process of detoxification and supplementation. I am completely off all medication since January 2015. I no longer have the need for a walker or a wheelchair, praise God! Gone are the deep bone pains, the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy and the many side effects of the chemo pills that were crippling my body… I am grateful for this experience, because along this path, I was obligated to make new decisions to change things around and begin a journey of a lifelong healthier lifestyle. Sadly, I really feel that I have lost two years of my life because of this cancer, but I finally turned the page and now I get to read new stories of how I get to enjoy life once again with my wonderful husband who is my greatest supporter, to share great moments with my three grownup children who are my three big reasons to hang in there, and the best part of all also is to be able to be a MamaKat to our beautiful grandchildren as they grow up. Life is a precious gift and we only receive one, we truly need to cherish it. God bless everyone and please stay tuned and see what a simple gal like me does on a daily basis to stay on top of her cancer and not letting it rob the JOY that is within. Together we can make a difference, I welcome any comments and suggestions you can add pertaining to the subject of cancer health. Voilà, that’s my story!